The Author

I have been writing children’s stories over a period of five years. Children give me inspiration to use my own imagination to write in the style I produce.

My stories are usually a little quirky, unusual and fun.  Some of my titles include, ‘Mr Centipede’, ‘The Creature Tree’ and ‘I Want to Save the World’.

Ideas for my stories are usually derived from children communicating with each other, the environment, animals, insects and my own childlike imagination.

Inspiration for my stories also comes from personal experience as a mother of four and now a Grandmother. My stories appeal to all age groups, but are aimed at children between two and eight years of age.

Local primary schools have expressed interest in my stories and have invited me to conduct a presentation of my work. One primary school has used one of my stories as part of a literature unit. One class illustrated one of my stories as part of a class project.

I am currently producing an audio book version of my forthcoming self-published story, ‘Scaredy’, voicing most of the characters myself.

I get a great deal of pleasure from writing my stories and will continue to enjoy writing many more.