Scaredy is about a koala that discovers he has a fear of heights, which is unfortunate because koalas live in tall gum trees. Find out what Scaredy discovers about true Aussie mateship.

Scaredy uses all of his courage and determination, but can’t seem to overcome his fears.

His friends think he’s playing funny games with them. They laugh along with him, unaware of his anguish.
Scaredy thinks his friends are laughing at him, not with him and this just gets too much for Scaredy to bear.

He finally declares his problem to his friends and what happens after that
is a wonderful example of true friendship.

 This story is about  trust,  courage, and the importance of developing respectful relationships.

Pam Anderson

I have been writing children’s stories for over five years and Scaredy is my first published book. Children give me inspiration to use my own imagination to write in the style I produce.

My stories are usually a little quirky, unusual and fun.  Some of my titles include, ‘Mr Centipede’, ‘The Creature Tree’ and ‘I Want to Save the World’. 

Ideas for my stories are usually derived from children communicating with each other, the environment, animals, insects and my own childlike imagination. My stories are also influenced from personal experience as a mother of four and now a Grandmother. My stories appeal to all age groups, but are aimed at lower primary.

Local primary schools have expressed interest in my stories and have invited me to conduct a presentation of my work. One primary school used one of my stories as part of a literacy unit with one class illustrating one of my stories as part of a class project.

I am currently producing an audio book version of ‘Scaredy’, voiced by myself.

I get a great deal of pleasure from writing my stories and will continue to enjoy writing many more.

I hope you love Scaredy as much as I do.

Michael Wootton

Michael Wootton is an artist based in Stratford, Vic.

He completed a Bachelor of Fine Art at Monash University (2013-2016) he then went on to exhibit his work in exhibitions and promotional materials across Victoria.

He then completed his Masters in Teaching Primary and Early Years Education (2016-2019) he decided to return to his art.

He enjoys illustrating Aussie authors’ stories and to help improve childrens’ literacy.

He prefers drawing and painting either on physical or digital media.
The wonderful thing about using digital media is that if you make a mistake you can immediately correct it with the click of a button!

Michael and Pam met through a mutual local friend and instantly gelled. They often met each fortnight to talk all things Scaredy and
to enjoy a hearty bowl of chow mein.

He really hopes that you enjoy Scaredy, it was a real labour of love for Michael that depicts a wholesome story about friendship.

Sadly the Koala is becoming dangerously close to extinction, if you would like to help keep our iconic Australian Koala for our future generations, please click on the foundation below.